Our company's driving ambition is to create something saleable, but also of which we are all very proud. Because we know that each book is different, we do not restrict your book to fit any formats or print on limited papers stock; we can create any specifications to fit with what you want. Do you want a printed book, ebook, or both?

We know how to help you with any of the following individual services or all of them if required:

  • editing
  • design
  • visual artwork
  • permissions clearance
  • indexing
  • unique ISBN allocation
  • lodgement of print or digital publication with the Australian National Library as well as the State Library of your choice
  • all information about the author and the title’s particulars archived into the Australian National Bibliographic Database (ANBD)
  • copyright protection
  • endless variety of formats, paper stocks and binding styles
  • profit and loss analyses
  • printing from one to multiple copies
  • ebook conversion for all current ereading devices



Our repeat self-publishing authors include:

  • Angela Grutzner (The Australian Anglican Directory 1995-current)
  • Ivo Vellar (St Vincent's Hospital historical monographs)
  • Michael Cannon (Social Historian)
  • Peter Clarke (Marketing Guru)
  • Ken Harrison (fiction political commentary series)
  • Laura Donati (who we have adopted as one of our author historians)

You have a finished manuscript and want to publish but aren’t sure where to start. Publishing Solutions has helped hundreds of authors transform their creative work into real page-turners. In days gone by, authors would have to run the gauntlet of multinational publishing houses. Thankfully, technology and writers’ initiative have become the ever-viable alternatives.



Our repeat self-publishing organisations include:

  • The Mathematical Association of Victoria (MAV)
  • AMPLA: The Resources and Energy Law Association
  • Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT)
  • Queensland Writers Centre
  • Life Be In It
  • Al-Anon
We can publish your company history, conference book or directory to schedule and to budget for a competitive price. Instead of more marketing jargon, here is a recent example demonstrating that we deliver.

Shortly before Bulla Dairy Foods celebrated their centenary they consulted with us to brainstorm their idea for a lavish book. Within days we presented the Bulla Dairy Foods Board with a selection of quotations together with a variety of design layouts. The Bulla Board were terrific to work with as their communication was always clear – but the deadline was a little close for comfort. Denise Fankhauser (a Bulla Director and Board Member) was our communication bridge and together we worked to not only meet the deadline, but to produce a most beautiful keepsake as well as an impressive marketing tool for their overseas clients. On the night of their celebration their guests were not disappointed.

See our backlist for other commemorative works we have published.

We’d like the opportunity to add you to our long list of proud patrons, so please don’t hesitate to contact us.