About us

Spanning more than thirty years Publishing Solutions has helped over a million books come to fruition. As our backlist shows, these have ranged from short black and white paperbacks, to lavish high-gloss hardbacks.

Publishing Solutions have proved time and again that we understand the industry and that we listen. Our clients range from individuals wanting to self-publish their family history to multinational organisations. We tailor our services to meet the requirements of each and every project, so that your budget and schedule are not only the starting point but are referenced every step of the way.

If you think we can help in the publishing of your title, please contact us. If you would like us to call you, send us an email with your contact details.


What we do

For individuals and organisations, we produce:

  • books in print
  • e-books and other electronic formats
  • magazines
  • journals

What we have done:

  • Production and manufacture of over a million books and magazines
  • Full project management from concept phase and budgeting through to publication
  • Diverse client base from individuals to large multinationals
  • Production of books ranging from niche through to mass market
  • Shortest manuscript: eight page children's book
  • Largest manuscript: over 2000 pages of world politics
  • Smallest print run: ten books
  • Largest print run: 80 000 books
  • Delivery of products in a wide range of formats—books, journals, e-books, optical discs, USB drives
  • Export and import of books and journals to and from five continents
  • Productions in English and other languages such as French, Italian, German, Japanese, Chinese and Khmer

We are proud of our remarkable track record for creating successful titles that remain memorable experiences. We work with experienced editors, graphic designers, photographers, artists, printers, freight forwarders and customs clearance agents. We buy printing services locally and off-shore including Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Malaysia, India and North America. The team at Publishing Solutions fully understands the importance of content, design and reproduction. We achieve this by putting our long experience to work and taking care to anticipate every little step involved in producing a publication.